Gutter Cleaning

Owning a home means that there are certain things that you will have to maintain to look after your property. Finding the time to do so can be an obstacle for most homeowners, and that is why San Mateo Pressure washing offers gutter cleaning services. Gutters need to be cleaned so that the condition and downpipes of your house are looked after. Call us today for a quote on our gutter cleaning services.

When should gutters be cleaned?

We recommend that you hire professionals twice a year to clean your gutters, usually before the rain begins and again when the leaves fall, and you start seeing that your gutter is beginning to fill up with leaves and debris. Making sure that your gutters are clean will prolong the life of your roof, so hire us today, and we will do it for you.

Gutter cleaning and its benefits

Gutters can protect your entire home, which includes your ceilings, walls, doors, and even your foundation from water damage. Gutters will also prevent your basement from flooding, and gutters make sure that soil erosion around your property is kept to a minimum. Gutters also protect your fascia and patios from water damage, decay, and staining from water. But for you to benefit from gutters, you need to make sure that you keep your gutters clean. The gutters need to be free from twigs, leaves, dust, and debris. Once your gutters are properly cleaned they will function well. Gutter cleaning will also eliminate the nesting place for pests that can damage your building. Clean gutters will also ensure that the roof of your home is extended, clogged gutters add weight that is unnecessary to your roofs. Over time this weight can cause your roof materials to collapse. Gutters that are properly cleaned will allow water to move away from your roof.

Our services

San Mateo Pressure Washing offers professional gutter cleaning services at reasonable rates! We professionally clean all types of gutters and on all types of roofs. Our professionals will also clean gutters at any height, so it does not matter if your home is a single story or more, we will get those gutters clean!  Our teams ensure that your gutters are deep cleaned so that you can benefit at all times from clean gutters. We also inspect your gutters during each cleaning service, and we will inform you of any issues that we may have found. We are fully equipped to ensure professional gutter cleaning is performed at all times. Call us today, and let's get those gutters cleaned!


San Mateo Pressure Washing will always provide you with a free estimate on all of our gutter cleaning services. We can also work out a schedule with you, to ensure that we come out twice a year or more and clean your gutter. Prices will depend on the size of your home because a larger home means more gutters that need to be cleaned, and we also charge a bit more for gutters that are higher up. All our prices are kept reasonable so that everyone can afford to hire professionals for this service.

Spring Rain Gutters Cleaning Using Pressure Washer. Closeup Photo.
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