Roof Washing

Roof washing is an essential part of any home maintenance, but we recommend that you hire professionals to clean your roof. Roof cleaning can be dangerous, and it can be a very time-consuming task if you do not have the right equipment and skills to perform safe and efficient roof washing. Call San Mateo Pressure Washing for a free quote on roof cleaning services.

Why get your roof cleaned?

We know that the roof of any building or home is one of the most important aspects. The roof of a property is always responsible for protecting the contents of your home, and it protects you and your family from all of the outdoor elements. A roof is constructed so that it is durable and is built with materials that can last through different types of weather without the roof wearing down. Although all of this is beneficial, a roof still requires maintenance, which includes roof cleaning so that its integrity is maintained. San Mateo Pressure Washing knows all of this, and that is why roof cleaning is offered as one of our services.

Roof washing and its benefits.

Roof washing has many benefits and, in this section, we will go over the benefits, so that you can understand why we see roof cleaning as an essential part of a home's maintenance. Roof washing does so much for your home's curb appeal, this is because all the leaves, dirt, and debris will be cleared off of your roof, leaving you with a clean exterior. Roof washing will also ensure that the interior of your home is protected because over time a roof that is not cleaned will be prone to leaks, and damage and this can lead to interior water damage. Roof washing can save you money, this is because a roof that is cleaned can also be inspected for damage that will need repairs. A clean roof also means that you won't have pests on your roof! Dirt, moss, and algae that may be present on your roof will attract pests that can lead to infestations. All of these pests can cause damage to the roof, which can lead to even more expenses.  When you consider all of these benefits, it is easy to see that roof washing is going to be a lot cheaper than the damage caused to your roof!

When you should you get the roof washed?

We usually recommend that you get your roof washed once a year, especially at the start of fall. This can protect your roof from moss and other debris. You may also want to get your roof cleaned if you are going to sell the property. You may also decide to wash your roof before painting or carrying out any repairs, as this will ensure good quality work on your roof.

Why choose us?

San Mateo Pressure Washing has been washing roofs of homes for a very long time, and therefore we have experience in professional roof cleaning. Our teams are professionals and know exactly how to wash all types and sizes of roofs. You really can count on us for outstanding roof washing! We are also properly equipped, and we can guarantee that you will be satisfied with our roof washing services. Contact us today, and we will first supply you with a free quote!

House roof cleaning with pressure tool. Worker on top of building washing tile with professional equipment. Moss removing with water.
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